Wednesday, April 1, 2015

easter bunny marshmallow marionettes

april fool's day guys!
today is the perfect day to play with your food!
and i ain't foolin!

cuz look i got the perfect food toy for you:
yes you are seeing that right.
yes these are edible.
yes i am insane.

hey let's be insane together!
here's how you can make some too.

it all starts with this:
or you can use any 'ole washi tape you want. just grab some twine and start making the marionette frame as shown:
here's what you'll end up with.
there will be twine hanging from the middle for the head,
the front ends for the arms,
and the back ends for the legs like so:
put this aside for now. 

cuz now you'll need your marshmallows.
heehee. i wasn't sure about the winky eye thing happening so i pulled the green duck's eye off and 
candy glued it to miss bunny.

hey, i say i'm some sorta mad scientist who creates things so i better live up to my name right?

ok time to get the body parts together...
(insert mad scientist maniacal laugh here)
i dipped the ends of some of the arms and legs in confectioner's sugar so it wouldn't be so darn sticky to handle thanks to a tip from igor.
it'll take one peep body and a set of 3 peep ears for each marionette as shown below:
after you flip the peep body over,
trim the fat sides to make a large teardrop form for his body part.
(insert another maniacal laugh here)

now that all the parts are together thanks to igor,
it's time to dress up this monster bunny with candy melt and 2 tiny blue hearts for the tie and yellow sprinkle buttons then allow to dry.
ok grab that marionette frame now.
since this was the first monster bunny i made, i threaded the twine twice around the head cuz i wasn't sure if the head would slide down the twine but it ended up the marshmallows stick right on the twine with no looseness (new word) at all.

i sure hope you are getting this tute so far...?

anyway, let's move on.

only those feet are attached to the back end twine strings.
you'll see a better pic of it in a sec.
that last step one more time?
ok so essentially you are threading your body parts together and knotting them at the ends. then you are taking the marionette frame twine and tying them to the arms and legs to get this:

hey all we need is a bride.
no problem igor says.
all you have to do is use the peep body upside down and dip in candy melts, add sprinkles and allow to dry.

here ya go,
get a load of that pink eye shadow!
is it a match made in easter heaven?
say yes ms. bunny say yes!

uh oh!...

and they lived happily ever after.
hey wonder if they're gonna have any kids?
(insert one last maniacal laugh here...)