Saturday, April 18, 2015

doodle vases

hey guys did you happen to see sweetapolita's new cake book with the doodle cake on the front of it?
i bought it cuz it's cake whimsy at its finest!

i want one of these cakes in my life i said and then realized i am not a very good cake decorator.

so, i thought i would make a nonedible one instead cuz
even if  i was a very good cake decorator, 
i wouldn't want anyone to eat it so i could just stare at it all day long instead.

anyway, if you make these, you can stare at them all day long too and actually, 
all your life, 
if you wanna go that far.
it's really quite simple,
using a few supplies.
after you spray paint the inside of your vase 
and allow to dry,
go to the next step:
use a paint marker to doodle.
it shows up a ton better than regular markers.
i chose to doodle a candy theme for my vase.
and give it to me for mom's day.

my mom's in heaven but if i made one for her i would put her name on it and doodle a bunch of her qualities like beautiful, funny, and patient, with little pics of baking mitts, 
corny jokes, and angels.

oh and lots and lots of hearts.

wouldn't that be nice of you to do the same for your mom?

i could have my kids make one for me but it was after 10pm when i got the idea and was too excited to wait so i made my own.

i liked it so much i made a donut and a macaron one too.
after the black sharpie outline,
just color away and watch the sweets come to life.

so since the inside of the vases are spray painted, just use another bowl or cup or whatever if you want to put something edible or real flowers in it like so:
but since it was 11:45pm when i finished all 3 of these, and didn't think no sane person would be awake selling flowers at that time, i just used some fake ones i had.
still pretty right?

and since this was a so-called mother's day gift to myself i had to have candy with my flowers.

so there you have it.
these look quite cute and whimsical sitting on my desk.
but perhaps i need to stop staring at them long enough to get some candy, donuts or macarons...