Saturday, August 1, 2015

s'more fishes

i think calling this post s'more fishes is a lot better than fish s'mores.
don't you agree?

cuz thinking about fish s'mores actually turns my stomach but hopefully these will change your mind:
i made these for the fishing/camping/hunting party i'm putting together for a friend's stepdad.

they're really easy to make if you decide not to smother them in marshmallow fluff so that the fluff oozes out and makes a gigundo mess all over the place because i shoulda froze them first but didn't and sigh...
anyway, here's the right way to make these if you wanna know.
 for some reason the cutter would only make a clean cut when i cut the fish from the front of the cracker and not the back of the cracker.
so what do you do with all the mess up graham crackers and scraps you're gonna get?
see i messed up cutting the fish from the back like...
A LOT!!!

now you do this with all the "un-scraps" of grahams.
then you spread some fluff on one one side of each pair and sandwich them together. 
but uh oh!
did you know fluff comes alive and starts acting ornery and rebellious trying to get away? 
at first it stays put but watch out cuz it will ooze!

thus the reason for freezing them first before you go and get this:
hey those new s'more flavored candy melts rock! 
(i got them from jo ann's a month or so ago)

so essentially just dip the frozen fish in candy melt and quickly add the eye and the purrttee scale thingies 
(aka sunflower candy seeds).

then when the chocolate is almost dry, 
score the tail with a fork for detail if you want.

and you my friend, can tell all fishermen 
your great catch of the day.
just be sure you tell them you got s'more fishes instead of fish s'mores ok?!