Tuesday, August 26, 2014

apple buttercream mints mini favor boxes

i took a little break last week.
from blogging that is,
 with only making one post instead of the usual 2.
not cuz i wanted to though. 

it's cuz i was knee deep in work and personal stuff and 
yada yada yada
let's just see what i made this week ok?
i found those really cute bins at the dollar tree awhile ago that were 10 for a buck (yippee!) but any bin will do i suppose.
the ribbon and stickers are from michael's.

these stickers happen to be the perfect match for the lids which made making these extra fun.

so now let's put something in them by using this recipe.

here's a quick pic of how i made them.

i like to stick the dough in a ziploc to color it instead of doing it in a bowl. i smoosh the bag to death til all the food coloring is mixed in. 
it sure saves a lot of food coloring cleanup in the bowl and on your hands!

ok so once you have your red dough,

look it's a mini apple.
ok it looks like a big apple in the pic but it really is small. 
in fact it's about grape size.
so make your apples like grapes that look like apples.


no worries, you'll see the real size in the next pic.

ok so there are your cute little boxes to give out to all your school friends.
you can tell them you made them on your "break".