Thursday, July 24, 2014

sunshine lemon cookies

while i was doing some major cleaning in my cluttered garage last week, i happened upon some cool wavy baking cups that i got at jo ann fabrics. 
they made me immediately think of suns.

maybe because the summer sun is causing major meltdowns and heat stroke in my body and that i made some sun macarons recently, that i had suns on my mind. 

and since it seems sunshine is more than just on my shoulders, and the fact that many folks aren't keen on making macarons, i came up with a pretty easy way to make sunshine cookies instead of worrying about getting feet on macaron cookies.

just follow this recipe except for the baking time and you'll be on your way to make some summer fun.
mix these all up and make your dough. 
easy peasy.

baking time is longer cuz these are thicker but don't overbake them cuz they'll be overcooked on top. just bake til the top is golden brown and when the cookies cool, the inside is soft and chewy. yummy!
follow the recipe i mentioned above to see how to make the glaze too. another easy peasy except i dipped them instead of scooping the glaze on the cookie.

now let's have some fun.

you can add any candy you want but i added this to them:
and there you have it!
sunshine cookies without the hassle of macaron making.
and if you don't want them to be cookies, 
just make them cupcakes!
another easy peasy :)

so now all that's left to do is,
thanks for your sunny smile :)