Thursday, September 3, 2015

cork sandwich magnets

the school bell rang! it's lunchtime!
time for a sandwich.

hey how about this one?
that must be a cheese and lettuce sandwich. looks good i suppose but i'd like some meat in it please.

guess i'll have to make my own.
wiggly eyes, white, pink, and red 
paint markers, and scissors.
got it.
small pieces of felt, tacky glue and bread.
yes of course, bread.
(which just so happens to be small 
cork pieces from michael's).

so now it's time to make some sandwiches.

how about a BLT?
my kiddo loves bologna and cheese.
and everyone loves peanut butter and jelly.
now that i have the condiments and meats,
time to get the bread ready.
gotta trim those bread slices a bit.
and we gotta do it in stacks of 2 so the slices match up.
good thing i got a good pair o'scissors.

uh oh! these slices look stale.

i like fresh slices don't you?
let's just make the top slices fresh.
there. now that's more like it.

let's put these babies together before dagwood dies of starvation.

oh that darn grape jelly can be so sticky sometimes.

doo dee doo dee doo.
(just humming during sandwich making.)

shoot, now that i have my sandwiches made, 
i'm past being hungry.
think i'll just put them on display instead.

hey look i got some junk mail that included 
a magazine magnet.
might as well recycle it. 
(if you're lucky and don't get junk mail, 
any ole magnet will do.)

ok one last step.
and there you have a week's worth of school lunches.
minus one day for pizza in the cafeteria.
uh oh.
i'm getting hungry again.
how about we go make a real sandwich? ;)