Friday, February 27, 2015

st. patty's day lucky candy bags

hoo boy i got another candy packaging treat for you guys.
guess my brain is on the sugar highway 
since my break 2 weeks ago.
i'll chalk that up to survival mode.

today we're gonna make these:
they're pretty much like my valentine mason jar ones but this time i just free handed because 1, i was too lazy to make a printable, 2 i made these in the middle of the night (don't ask what time) and 3, because um, uh, just because. 
it just sounds better when you have 3 reasons.

make sure when you cut out your U to only cut the FRONT part of the bag.
throw the paper away once you made the heavy outline.

and for the final step,
and there you have it!
the fun thing about these kinda bags is that you can cut out any shape and use any color bag you want-
the options are endless!
actually the final step for me is to take photography lessons to take better pics but for now i'm lucky to have you here!