Friday, September 12, 2014

mini caramel apple magnets

not only is it pumpkin season, it's caramel apple season!

so how are you with caramel apples?

do you eat them off the stick or cut them up?
or are you weird like me and stare at them in all their glorification especially when they are in a case at the candy store in rows and rows of different toppings?

i know. i can't get enough of them either.
candy apples are in this group too y'know.

so as a blogger, i feel the need to contribute to the caramel apple posts of the (blog)world.

so how in the world can i come up with another caramel apple post without overdoing what's already out there?

i make a nonedible one. 
ignore those wilton sticks in the pic that i x'd out and use the woodsie sticks instead.
also any kind of mod podge and polymer clay will work for this. i just used what i already had.
and i got all the supplies at michael's.

see it's like making cake pops!
(please do not eat them-duh)

teeny tiny caramel apple magnets. 
in 4 flavors no less.

and the best thing about them is i can save my teeth from breaking loose from the caramel.